Infinity Counselling London offers face-to-face and online based counselling to help work through a wide range of life concerns. The list is not exhaustive and of course one issue rarely comes alone! If you have a particular concern you wish to discuss please contact me.

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It is a difficult and traumatic time for many with much uncertainty in the world. Counselling can help find a space to air some of the possible emotions arising from this - anger, fear, confusion, grief and loss. This may also be a time where you are considering meaning and purpose in your life and how to move on in the future. These are all natural feelings and counselling will allow you to explore everything you are experiencing in a safe, non-judgemental space.


Depression and anxiety is something that can affect many of us at some point in our lives, leaving us feeling utterly drained and debilitated. Working through this together in counselling can help to understand this period in your life and help facilitate a way of being more comfortable with yourself at this time.


Self- esteem has been described as the alignment of our ‘heartfelt desires with a workable plan’;[i] Infinity Counselling London can guide you through gentle coaching methods to discover what your heartfelt desires are and how best to develop a realistic plan to achieve them.


[i] Barack Obama (2008) Dreams from my Father, Canongate Books, Edinburgh.


Relationships take on different forms. Whether you are already in a relationship or looking for a relationship that’s right for your life now, this subject can change how you interact within the world. Through counselling you may begin to uncover what it is you need from relationships in order to lead a more fulfilling interactive life.


Identity and Belonging

Exploring how we feel about ourselves and our heritage and identity can feel quite overwhelming. Multiple heritage identity in particular can leave us with questions around where we fit in and belong. Infinity Counselling London offers you a space to explore what these subjects mean to you and how you can start to be more comfortable with all of your experiences.

Body Relationship

Developing a good relationship with ourselves and our bodies can be a challenge in our lives. Infinity Counselling can facilitate a space to explore body concerns and anxieties. We can also start to explore how emotions can manifest in the body and develop ways to work through any issues that may be arising as a result of this.

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